World Biofuels Markets: All Sponsors, Contents, And Speakers Of The 13th Annual Show

(WBM) is an annual gathering of experts in the field of bioenergy.

(WBM) is an annual gathering of experts in the field of bioenergy. The three days event brings together expert speakers from around the globe for networking and learning opportunities.

The 2019 event will be the 13th show. With time quickly drawing near, efforts are already in top gear to make the event a success.

World Bio Markets is the leading bio-economy meeting in Europe. The major achievement of this meeting is a fundamental shift in the bio-based chemicals market around the globe.

Firms and brands are increasingly becoming aware of the dangers of reliance on traditional petrochemical for energy.

The trend is moving towards bio-based energy. Firms that have successfully made the transition enjoy the increased commercial performance as well as a better public perception.

The Size And Type Of Audience In Attendance In 2018

They were 430 delegates cut across different industries in the world.

The 13th annual WBM which held in 2018 in Amsterdam did not disappoint in the size and composition of the audience. They were 430 delegates cut across different industries in the world.

On top of the list of attendance are sustainable chemical and fuel producers which made up 38% of the audience. This shows an increasing number of firms committed to the production of sustainable fuels and chemicals.

Next to this group is a tie between end-user brands/retailers and process, technology and engineering.

Delegates from these groups made up 15% of the audience. On the bottom of the log are associates and media as well as academia both comprising of 3% of the audience each.

Academia is usually the ones who carry out active research on novel biofuels and chemicals. The success of the drive to shift energy from petrochemical-based to biobased is strongly dependent on sensitization, a role which the media can facilitate. Some firms are not making efforts to move towards sustainable energy because they are oblivious of the side effects on the environment of their current processes.

Given the importance of these groups (academia and media), efforts should be made to increase their participation in WBM.

The delegates from Europe made up 55% of the total audience making the delegates from this part of the world the largest in the gathering. This was followed by delegates from North America (35%) and Asia (10%). Future WBM gathering should make efforts to include delegates from South America, Africa, and Australia.

Top Brands In Attendance In 2018


The size and quality of the brands usually in attendance in WBM tell a lot about the importance of the gathering.

The 2018 meeting was not an exception as it drew the attention of international brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, Mitsubishi, Pepsi, Shell, Unilever, Bridgestone, ExxonMobil, Michelin, P&G, Virgin Atlantic, and Toyota.

Others include Airbp, Carbios, Clariant, Covestro, Corbion, Ikea, KLM, L’Oreal, Lego System, Ne Steppe, Rabobank, Tesla, and UPM.

The expectations of the 14th edition scheduled to hold from the first to third of April 2019 is not any different.

Sponsors And Exhibitors Of 2018 Event

Organizers of this event depend on sponsors to be able to offset these bills.

As always, the success of WBM is highly reliant on the actions of sponsors. Organizing the event is financially demanding including preparing venues, coffee breaks, and lunch.

Organizers of this event depend on sponsors to be able to offset these bills.

The 2018 event garnered a huge sponsorship and exhibition from companies across different sectors.

A full list of the sponsors and exhibitors include Corbion, Reg, Total, Eastman, Ava Biochem, ABM Composite, Axens, Better Biomass, Bio-Based Industries, Biobased, Biobased Maine, EW=w Biotech, Borregaard, Capricorn Venture Partners, Flanders Investment & Trade, Godavari, Clariant, IOWA, North Sea Port, Novozymes, Port of Antwerp, Port of Amsterdam, Poyry, SpecialChem, Storaenso, UPM, Vito, and VIT.

Past Speakers

Attendees of the past WBM have had the opportunity to listen to a plethora of experts who speak pertaining to the state and future of biofuels and chemicals.

Here is a list of the past speakers:

  • Al Gore (Former vice president and presidential candidate, USA)
  • Faith Birol (Executive Director, International Energy Association)
  • Sir Bob Geldof (Humanitarian and musician)
  • Lord Browne (Former CEO BP)
  • Ruud Lubbers (Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands)
  • Sir Ranulph Fiennes (The World’s greatest living explorer)
  • Felke Sijbesma (CEO DSM)
  • Tom van Aken (CEO Avantium)
  • Andrew Murfin (General manager Advanced Biofuels, Shell)
  • Marcel Lubben (President, Reverdia)
  • Thomas Arnold (Advisor of Sustainable Bio-economy, European Commission)
  • David Babson (Senior Advisor, US Department of Agriculture)
  • Bill Levy (Chief Executive Officer, Pacific AG)
  • Bruno Miller (Managing director Biofuels, Fulcrum Bioenergy)
  • Guillaume Lebert (Sustainability senior scientist, Procter & Gamble)
  • Christophe Durand (Chemicals and bio sourcing segment manager, Michelin)
  • Gabe Davies (European surf manager, Patagonia)
  • Eva van der Brugge (Innovation manager, Fashion for Good)
  • Lucy Nattrass (Project leader bio-based materials corporate R&D and innovation, AkzoNobel)
  • Reyna Bryan (Director of Strategy, Elk Packaging)
  • Jean-Marie Julien (Materials strategy manager, L’Oreal)
  • Johan Bruck (Deputy materials innovation development leader, IKEA)
  • Sharon Tracy (Principle researcher – strategic materials development, Steelcase Inc)
  • Natsai Audrey Chieza (Founder and creative director, Faber Futures)

Experience Of Past Attendees

Willemijn Witteveen (Business Development Renewable Chemistry, Avantium) highlighted the importance of such gathering.

One of the major gains of WBM is bringing together a team of like minds to form a formidable front towards the pursuance of bio-related goals.

In a similar comment regards the 2018 meeting in Amsterdam, Holli Alexander (Strategic initiates manager, Global Sustainability, Eastman) said, “World Bio Markets has been a great place to get to know folks and to find folks in the industry who care about this.”

Willemijn Witteveen (Business Development Renewable Chemistry, Avantium) highlighted the importance of such gathering by saying, “We cannot solve today’s sustainability challenges alone, as a company, we need partners.”

Most of the attendees believe that the major setback facing the transition to bio-based products is cost.

Top business analysts including Guillaume Lebert (Sustainability Senior scientist – Fabric Care Europe, Procter & Gamble) agree that consumers won’t be willing to move towards the part of sustainability if they do not get the performance they want.

He also mentioned that it was the duty of manufacturers to help consumers to go with more green products.

One of the high points of the event was the unveiling of the UPM Biofore concept car which is made of wood and bio-based materials by Sari Mannonen (Vice President, UPM Biofuels).

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