Over the last decade, major league companies and countries have poured billions of dollars into biofuel research. Yet, we don’t actually see them getting filled up in our cars. The idea behind biofuels is that we use organic matter like straw or sugarcane and turn it into liquid fuel. And this is the first step to achieve carbon neutral, which produces zero net emissions. So, there has been constant research by companies in creating materials and fuel that creates fewer emissions and is less expensive. The world is addicted to oil and we are nearing to the breaking point. This is where biofuel companies step in with a vision to change the way we consume fuel. Here are some of the important biofuel companies you need to know about.

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Amyris stands with a goal in making clean manufacturing powered by biology which will be the norm of the future. They engineer microbes that consume sugar and convert to a variety of molecules. This laid the foundation of creating a wide range of products with their top-notch ability to reduce cost and time. Be it compressor or turbine oils, hydraulic oils or just greases, Amyris is known for their brand and customer engagement. With America now gaining power and extending biofuel research, Amyris will continue to see growth in their field. They make sustainable green products in the field of health, beauty, flavor, and fragrances. Their focus has been on sugarcanes and how they can help solve world problems.


Enerkem is well known for developing a game-changing technology that converts non-recyclable waste material into low carbon transportation fuels. They use waste materials and they convert it to a synthetic gas called syngas. In this process, they produce ethanol and methanol. This Canada based company founded in 2000, can now convert waste into a portion of gasoline used in our cars. They expanded to the Netherlands and are developing waste to chemical projects there. Enerkem is really focused and working towards meeting the nearly impossible demands for biofuels. They have built a modular manufacturing approach which helps them in expanding the demands around the world. They don’t consider waste as a problem, but rather a resource to solve world problems.


POET is known for their extensive work under the renewable fuel domain. Founded in 1988, this American company began to find the next advancement in renewable yet accessible energy. The answer they produced was cellulosic bioethanol. A renewable fuel made from agricultural waste and residue mainly from sugarcane. POET has the sole purpose of making cellulosic bioethanol commercially available around the world and in a way changing the world as we know of it. The process that POET follows starts with getting the grains and the residue from farmers. They mix it with their special enzymes and water after grinding it in their plants. Thus, producing cleaner oil and high protein food as a secondary output. They are still in the process of making cleaner fuels to replace fossil fuels soon and expanding it to the world.


Fossil fuels have been the primary source of energy for many years now. There are alternative resources but they are not accessible enough for which the carbon levels in our atmosphere is exponentially growing. There was an urge to break this oneway cycle and minimize the carbon output in the whole process. This is where LanzaTech comes in with a bacteria which just like plants converts carbon emissions into fuels for daily lives. They start by capturing a variety of carbon waste. It is then fermented to alcohol within their specially made bioreactors. This yields high-quality pure alcohol which can be directly used as jet fuels. With the gradual rise in carbon smart products, LanzaTech sees a valuable future in the process.


With the gradual increase in carbon levels in the atmosphere, companies like Gevo had to step up for the world’s safety. Gevo focuses on low carbon renewable jet fuel, renewable gasoline, isobutanol blendstocks and animal feed, and protein. They have the sole purpose of eliminating the higher level of carbon that comes from the burning of fossil fuels. We don’t need to completely be dependant on petrochemical resources, we need to find a better way to solve the world’s energy requirement. Gevo is innovating in the field of biofuels and in the process, they made a yeast to help make low-cost isobutanol. This will indeed help replace fossil fuels as the sole energy resource in the future.

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