About Us

World Biofuels Markets is dedicated to those working in the biofuel industry. We are a team of professionals in the biofuel industry looking aiming to promote the recent practices in the industry as well as bring you the statistics of the current biofuel production and utilization around the globe.

No doubt, increasing the production of biofuel can help different countries around the world to tackle individual problems like unemployment and collective problem like environmental degradation. The use of biofuels can also help the world to cut down on the emission of greenhouse gases and fight the adverse effect of global warming. By continually relying on traditional fuel for energy production, we are endangering our very existence on planet earth.

Our Belief

Environmental pollution and global warming are becoming more evident in the increased spate of flooding, earthquakes, and landslides. Scientists have warned that these natural phenomena could get worse if nothing is done to cut down the emission of greenhouse gases. The call for the world to take action to preserve the earth is growing every day and there has never been a time in human history that the call has been as loud as now.

We believe that many countries have the capacity to become significant biofuel producers but these potentials are never explored because of the reliance on traditional fuels. By bringing beaming our light on the innovative steps taken by some countries to increase their biofuel production, we hope to inspire other countries to think in that line.

The global petroleum reserve will one day become used up and the world needs to start thinking of an alternative so that when the time comes we are not taken unaware. As many researchers have proven beyond reasonable doubt, less environmental pollution is vital for public health and improved quality of life.

Our Mission

At World Biofuels Markets, we are committed to biofuel production on a global scale through partnership, mass education, inspiring potential investors on the enormous inherent wealth of the field, as wells as throwing light on new technologies that can be used to achieve this aim.

We want to be the most informative website in terms of biofuel production. We are committed to sharing our understanding of biofuel and show our appreciation to those making efforts at alternative fuel production.

We want to be the link that will connect all the different biofuel industries across the globe. If there is any upcoming biofuel gathering like the annual World Bio Market, be sure that we will bring all the details to you.

Our Vision

World Biofuels Markets envisions a world where biofuel will be the most preferred energy source leading to less pollution in the form of oil spills and lowered carbon emission. We look forward to a world where extreme poverty and malnutrition will be eliminated and local economies across the world strengthened through increased participation in agriculture.

We hope to get partnerships with different industries in the field who are not only passionate about biofuel production but also see the enormous opportunities in the field.