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We are a team of professionals in the biofuel industry looking aiming to promote the recent practices in the industry as well as bring you the statistics of the current biofuel production and utilization around the globe.

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Many countries have the capacity to become significant biofuel producers but these potentials are never explored because of the reliance on traditional fuels.


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We want to be the most informative website in terms of biofuel production. We are committed to sharing our understanding of biofuel and show our appreciation.


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We hope to get partnerships with different industries in the field who are not only passionate about biofuel production but also see the enormous opportunities.

The use of biofuels can also help the world to cut down on the emission of greenhouse gases and fight the adverse effect of global warming. By continually relying on traditional fuel for energy production, we are endangering our very existence on planet earth.

Biofuel: Statistics Of Countries Leading Biofuel Utilization

As a means of fighting global warming, many countries are reducing their reliance on crude oil for energy owing to pollution and environmental degradation. The collective effort and commitment of different industries around the globe towards sustainable energy are expressed in the annual World Bio Market now in its 13th-year.

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Chhattisgarh Has All It Takes To Become A Biofuel Hub

Chhattisgarh Has All It Takes To Become A Biofuel Hub In the last decade, many countries have either stepped up their biofuel production or utilization. Between 2016 and 2017, America became the largest biofuel producer in the world. More recently, Australia began blending biofuel with traditional fuel to power their airlines. Addressing a gathering in […]

Biofuel Trial: Australia Edging Towards Sustainable Aviation

Researchers are continually making efforts to increase the production of biofuel and ease the pressure on non-renewable sources of fuel. In a recent study, researchers developed nanocatalyst that will ensure continuous biofuel production. Australia has taken a huge step towards sustainable aviation after a trial proved that biofuel can be supplied to Brisbane Airport through […]

Nanocatalyst Developed By Chemists Ensures Continuous Biofuel Synthesis

Dealing with biological systems is not easy because they can be affected by different environmental factors like temperature, pressure, and pH. The buildup of microbial metabolites is usually the cause of a change in pH. Keeping the fermentation conditions fairly stable for optimal yield has remained one of the greatest challenges that scientist has to […]

World Bio Markets – 13th Annual Show

World Bio Markets is the leading bio-economy meeting in Europe. The major achievement of this meeting is a fundamental shift in the bio-based chemicals market around the globe.

Firms and brands are increasingly becoming aware of the dangers of reliance on traditional petrochemical for energy. The trend is moving towards bio-based energy.

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