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Tuesday, March 13 2012: Day One & Wednesday, March 14 2012: Day Two

Aviation BiofuelsSince WBM 2011 took place the aviation sector has progressed in leaps and bounds, with many major airlines doing successful test flights on biofuels and some now using a blend of biofuel and kerosene on regular flight routes. This session will bring together the entire value chain to discuss certification, commercialisation and scaling up existing bio jet fuel usage, fuel incentives and production among many other key areas for this industry.

Chairman: Darrin Morgan, Director of Sustainable Aviation Fuels Strategy, Boeing

Tuesday, March 13 2012: Day One

09.00 The Tipping Point: Progress & Perspectives on Commercialisation

  • Global updates and success stories on routes that are now flying with biofuel blends
  • Industrialise the production of bio-fuels to make it more affordable for commercial purposes 
  • What key challenges lay ahead for the industry pushing the use of biofuels out even further?

Darrin Morgan, Director of Sustainable Aviation Fuels Strategy, Boeing
Glenn Johnston, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Gevo
Robert Sturtz, Managing Director of Strategic Sourcing, United Airlines
Kati Ihamaki, Vice President, Sustainable Development, Finnair

Moderator: Jeroen Kruijd, Principal Manager, Sustainability & Climate Change, PWC

10.30 Networking Refreshment Break

11.00 Policy and Sustainability

  • Get the latest updates in sustainability aviation fuel policies and standards
  • What are the steps required to support the development of sustainable aviation fuels?
  • Managing conflict between feedstock transparency to prove sustainability and proprietary sourcing relationships
  • Sustainable pathways for bio aviation fuels: practical tool for comparison of sustainability schemes

Mark Watson, Head of Environmental Affairs, Cathay Pacific Airlines
Maarten van Dijk, Vice President, Business Development and Sustainability, SkyNRG

Kevin Ogorzalek, Program Officer, World Wild Life Fund
Barbara Bramble, Senior Advisor, International Climate and Energy Program, National Wildlife Federation
Christine Moser, Head of Sustainability Certification & Marketing, Platform for Sustainable Aviation Fuels, Leuphana University
Thijs Komen, Head of Tactical Planning, Air Traffic Management, KLM

12.30 Networking Lunch Break hosted by Iogen

14.00 Aviation Fuel Production & Approval

  • How can new energy crops be harvested effectively to supply the aviation market?
  • Hear from agronomists and experts on which feedstocks are leading the way regionally
  • Which production technologies are available to increase yield & improve cost effectiveness?
  • Understand which conversion processes are suitable for developing aviation fuel

Kaisa Hietala, Vice President of Market Development, Neste Oil
Jim Woodger, Sales Manager, UOP, a Honeywell Company
Kevin R. Weiss, Chief Executive Officer, Byogy Renewables, Inc
Mark Rumizen, Aviation Fuel Specialist, US Federal Aviation Administration

15.30 Networking Refreshment Break

16.00  Fuel Incentives and Pricing

  • A perspective on bridging the gap between production economics and policy – is it preferable and feasible to have a harmonised global system?
  • Global pricing mechanisms re: incentives and flying in and out of various  jurisdictions – how will this work between US RFS system and EU RED systems for example
  • Can differing country incentives counteract or complement each other?

Robert Sturtz, Managing Director of Strategic Sourcing, United Airlines
Thomas Roetger
, Assistant Director, IATA

Alejandro Rios Galvan, Director, Fuel Services, Aeropuertos y Servicios Auxiliares (ASA)
Patrick Mazza, Research Director, Climate Solutions
Claire Curry, Bioenergy Pathways Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Wednesday, March 14 2012: Day Two

Chairman: Darrin Morgan, Director of Sustainable Aviation Fuels Strategy, Boeing

14.30 Military Aviation Biofuels

  • An update on what the military sector has achieved with the use of biofuels
  • US Government efforts to facilitate deployment: federal initiatives 
  • What the commercial sector can take away from the military’s efforts

Thomas W. Hicks, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, US Navy
John Plaza, CEO & Founder, Imperium Renewables

16.00 Networking Refreshment Break hosted by AlterNRG

16.30 EU Biofuels FlightPath - Benchmarking of Technologies

Jonathon Counsell, Head of Environment, British Airways
Xavier Dommange, Strategic Product Development, EADS
Kyriakos Maniatis, Principal Administrator - Directorate General for Energy, European Commission

Agenda >>Aviation